Vera Concierge

Vera Concierge allows you to use Google Home or your Mobile Device (Android or Apple) via Google Assistant to interact with your Vera Controller(s) and their devices.

You can use the Vera Concierge to access multiple Veras, locally or remotely connected.

It supports a wide variety of Vera Connected Device types:

  • Switches (Z-Wave, GC-100, Power Strips, PLTS, Combination, Virtual and Multi Switch)
  • Light Dimmers
  • Thermostats
  • Door Locks (Z-Wave and those controlled by the Garage Door Plugin)
  • Scenes and PLEG Actions
  • Alarm Partitions
  • Window Coverings (These behave a lot like Light dimmers);

Conversing with your Vera home

Using the Home Control capabilities of the Google Assistant.

You will first need to add your Home Control devices using the add button. Use Vera Concierge Smart Home to add the devices that you have configured via your Local Concierge Server. Your interaction with these devices is specified by Google.

Just say:
OK Google turn on the Office Light

When you add devices say:
OK Google sync devices

Simple Setup and Maintenance

There are a lot of moving parts to get this to work.
But the installation, updates, and daily use are all designed to be as simple as possible.

Click the image for details.

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